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Status: Revised, awaiting editing

*Entered under the previous title, The Wake of Madness, this manuscript placed Quarter-finalist in the 2011 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

Unbeknownst to Olivia Winslow, she is the product of a Satanic cult rape. Throughout her childhood, she is demoralized and abused by her mother and father, who—for reasons she cannot understand—believe she is the demon offspring of Satan. 

Olivia knows she is an ordinary girl and that there is nothing evil or demonic about her, but years of acrimony and neglect eventually beget a self-fulfilling prophecy. Each year the bitterness and resentment toward her parents mount, and Olivia grows from a meek and fearful adolescent into a hardened young woman, consumed by her desperate need for revenge. 

Her cousin Peter and her boyfriend Travis are her only allies in her struggle to survive the cruelty and insanity of home. Over the years she has relied on one and wanted the other, but as she matures and morphs from a teenager to young woman, confusion over the boy of her dreams and a forbidden love threatens to prove her parents were right to think her evil. 

A chance encounter with her father results in Olivia discovering the truth behind her conception. The truth rips both Peter and Travis away from her and leads to her long-awaited day of retribution. Her reckoning ends in violence and tragedy, and in the wake of that madness and destruction, no life Olivia touches will come out unscathed by the dark secrets of her past.