Breaking the rules of Romance one love story at a time.
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A little about...

Mainly, that “Tabitha Drake” is a pen name. (For more on that, read my blog post about it.)

In addition to being an aspiring novelist, Tabitha is a former U.S. Marine, devoted wife, and proud mother of five. She currently lives in northern Virginia.



A little more about...

Tabitha started writing her first novel when she was thirteen, finished it at sixteen, and has been dreaming up stories ever since. While Tabitha has always been a writer, it has only been recently that her growing empty nest has allowed the time to pursue her publishing goals.

Tabitha was born and raised in the beautiful and magical Great Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, which is the setting for most of her stories. During her stint in the USMC, she met her husband and has since enjoyed the gypsy life of a military family. She currently lives in northern Virginia, where she’s hoping her family can finally settle down.

Tabitha is also a trained pianist, IPA aficionado, amateur photographer, mixed media artist, nature lover, reader, and a video game addict (though she swears it’s purely for inspiration). She also likes to cook, and loves almost all types of music.