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Status: Written, awaiting revisions

For the first time in Olivia's life, she is blissfully happy. She and Roger are finally married and living in his home in New York. Roger loves her so much that he's willing to father the child of another man. He loves her so much that he's willing to convince Peter to join them in New York, just because Roger knows it would make her happy to have him near. And to top it off, the music career she's always dreamed of practically falls in her lap. Life has never been kind to Olivia, but for the first time ever, her happiness feels too good to be true. 

Roger's family detests her, but it's okay because she has Roger. Melanie is born, and mothering the child of a man she despised is much more difficult than she expected, but it's okay because she has Roger. Peter is jealous and bitter that she seems to love Roger more than him now, but it's okay because she has Roger. Olivia lets down her guard and starts to believe that maybe this time she can put the pain of her past behind her for good. And why not? She has Roger now.

And then fate steps in to punish her for a lifetime of transgressions—Roger dies, and suddenly nothing will ever be okay again. 

Peter is there to help guide her through the suffering, but even he can't bring her back from the depths of her despair. Just when Olivia loses all hope and grows suicidal, her old childhood love, Travis Phillips, unexpectedly steps back into her life and fills her with promise and hope again. But just as was the case when they were teenagers, Peter and Travis hate each other. It seems life has come full circle and given Olivia a second chance at happiness. But which one of them will she have to hurt to take that chance?