Breaking the rules of Romance one love story at a time.
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Status: Writing in progress - 60%

Olivia is now happily married to her childhood love, Travis. She has the music career she always dreamed of, and her personal life is blessed more than she could ever deserve. Melanie's paternity seems a long-forgotten secret that will likely never come to light. Even the heart-ache of Roger's death has somewhat waned over the years. She has everything she ever wanted in life, except Peter, who cut all ties when Olivia chose Travis over him. When the death of their mother brings Peter back into her life, the life of lies Olivia has built for herself—and her daughter—begins to unravel. 

Seventeen-year-old Melanie has never met her long-lost cousin Peter. No one, including Melanie, understands what could have happened to make her mother and her beloved cousin irrevocably disown each other for so many years. She only knows that Peter’s return has changed her life in ways she struggles to make sense of. And that his relationship with her mother is shrouded in secrets and much more mysterious than she ever realized.

With the help of her dearest cousin Gavin, Melanie is determined to find out why her mother suddenly cries herself to sleep each night. Why Peter and her step-father, Travis, hate each other. Why the perfect marriage her parents once had, is now falling apart from suspicions and betrayals. And along the way, she might learn that her own forbidden love might not be so forbidden after all.