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Status: Revised, awaiting editing

Book two, Betrayal, follows Olivia building a new life for herself as a runaway and fugitive. 

Three years after fleeing Bickford to escape the vengeance of her step-father, Olivia has rebuilt her life in Matsdale. She has a job, new friends, a home of her own, and a sense of peace to feel safe and normal for the first time in her life. But then two drifters happen through town one night, and that chance encounter changes everything. 

One of those drifters is Roger, Olivia’s dark-haired stranger that steps out of her dreams and into reality. But his traveling companion, Allister, sets is sights on Olivia first, and Allister isn’t the type of man to take no for an answer. Believing a powerful man like Allister can keep her safe from Jim Winslow, in a fit of desperation and panic, Olivia marries him. 

Unfortunately, Olivia learns too late that Allister isn’t the man he seemed, and that it was no accident he and Roger wandered into Matsdale. Olivia also discovers that in betraying her heart and marrying a man she didn't love, she's put more than just her own life at risk.