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Starting From Scratch

Status: Written, awaiting revisions

Starting From Scratch is a New Adult Romance. 

Brought together by tragedy one night as teenagers, Mitch Warren and Jesse Carlton are devoted best friends who have remained unwaveringly close into adulthood. Nearly a decade of bi-coastal living, with only short, intermittent visits, should have taken an erosive toll on their special bond. On the contrary, after years of nurturing their long-distance friendship, Mitch has decided he wants more. He’s coming home to Jesse, only this time there’s an engagement ring in his pocket.

Convincing Jesse to marry him will be no easy task for Mitch. Jesse lives a sheltered, uninspiring, shadow of a life, slave to the guilt she still feels over her part in the car crash that killed her father that snowy night in her youth. In contrast, Mitch has moved on to live a full and enviable life – without the woman he loves. In confessing his true feelings, he’s putting a lifetime of devoted friendship on the line. Mitch is willing to gamble that his love is strong enough to overcome her guilt.