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To Protect And Serve

Status: Writing in progress - 85%

To Protect and Serve is a New Adult Romance

Meet Jack Harris. He's a middle-aged private investigator who is having a very bad week. He got stabbed, nearly fired from his job, and now his boss wants him to either take a light-duty assignment, or stand in the unemployment line. 

The case: Sara Kincaid.

Sara Kincaid ran away from home ten years ago when she was sixteen and no one has seen or heard from her since. As the sole heiress to a family fortune, she's literally worth millions, and based on decade-old evidence, presumably dead. When new evidence turns up suggesting that Sara may be alive after all, it's up to Jack to follow the lead. Little does Jack know that this is one case that will change his life forever. 

Meet Lauren Mitchell. 

She ran away from her Seattle home ten years ago and has managed to build a new life and identity for herself on the other side of the country. But then Jack Harris shows up, renting the house next door for the summer, invading her life and pushing boundaries. Lauren isn’t much for dating, especially older men, but there’s something raw and magnetic about the jaded Jack Harris that pulls her in. But there’s a very real and dangerous reason she ran away and left the life of Sara Kincaid behind, and if she’s not careful, becoming involved with Jack Harris will put more than just her heart in danger.