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Breaking Lacy

Status: Published


Be careful when you fight Fate. Sometimes Fate fights back.

Nick finds this out the hard way in this New Adult Romantic Drama about two brothers in love with the same girl.

With a bright music career in her future, and plans to marry her childhood sweetheart after graduation, life is charmed for seventeen-year-old Lacy Dalton.

Until Nick Martin happens.

Nick has been in love with Lacy since she first started dating his little brother, Kevin. He’s waited years for an opportunity to steal Lacy away from him. With graduation and the subsequent wedding only six months away, Nick’s running out of time. Tired of waiting for fate to intervene, Nick takes matters into his own hands and devises a scheme to have Lacy catch Kevin being unfaithful. He intends to be the hero who swoops in to mend her broken heart afterward, but his plan costs Lacy more than just a fiancé.

That one night of betrayal sets off a devastating chain of events for Lacy. After losing everyone she loves, along with all the dreams she had for her future, only tattered shreds of her once perfect life remain. Through it all, Nick is there by her side helping Lacy along her path of restoration and recovery. As new hopes, new dreams, and a new love arise from the rubble, Lacy forges a new future for herself—with Nick.

Unfortunately for Nick, if his duplicity is exposed, destiny may find a way of righting its course.