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Breaking Nick

Status: Writing in progress - 80%

Breaking Nick picks up four years from where Breaking Lacy leaves off. 

Lacy is married to Kevin and they live enviable lives in New York with their daughter. Lacy has the successful music career she’s always wanted, and Kevin has the beautiful family he always dreamed of having with Lacy. But when Kevin pressures Lacy to have another child, Lacy fears Nicole’s true paternity will be discovered and shatter all their lives.  After a particularly bitter fight over the expansion of their family, Kevin takes Nicole with him back to Claryville, leaving Lacy devastated and alone in New York.

Lacy and Chris have secretly remained close friends since Nick’s death, and after Kevin leaves, Chris is there to comfort and commiserate with her. Their innocent friendly encounter gets photographed, and social media does the rest. When Kevin sees the image of his wife in the arms of Nick’s best friend, he questions not only the nature of their relationship, but also when and how they became friends in the first place. 

Nick wonders the same thing. He left Chris in charge of watching over Lacy for the past four years. Maybe his friend took his job a tad too seriously? 

Lacy married Kevin and was pregnant with his child before Nick was even - supposedly - in the ground. He wants to hate her for betraying their love and moving on so quickly. He wants to hate her for moving on with Kevin. He wants to hate her for the little girl that looks more like him than his brother. But when Lacy unexpectedly comes home to repair the damage to her marriage, all the hate changes. Hiding among the shadows, spying from afar, he slowly comes to realize that not everything is what it seems with Lacy. Maybe it's not too late for second chances, and maybe now he has a reason to come back to life. 

Unfortunately for Nick, he may discover that those photos of Lacy and Chris might not be as harmless as his friend would have him believe. Even if he does come back from the dead and she leaves Kevin for good, Nick might not be the one she runs to.