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Breaking Lacy Fun Facts

With Breaking Lacy now in the pre-launch stages (currently formatting to upload for proof copy!), I thought it would fun to make my first post a reflection on a few fun stats about the book.

Like, for instance:

* The entire novel took over a two-and-a-half years to write! The file for the first chapter of the first draft was created January 10, 2005, and the file for the last chapter of the first draft was created August 24, 2007. (Admittedly, almost an entire year of that was a hiatus due to having child 4.0 and then a family relocation.)

* The original title of the first draft was Brotherly Love. I changed it to Breaking Lacy in 2013 because I worried Brotherly Love sounded like an incest bromance. LOL

* The story is set (mostly) in the fictional town of Claryville, NC, which is loosely based on a city near my hometown in the mountains of NC. Claryville is also occasionally referenced in my Olivia Saga as being a neighboring city to the town where that story is set.

* Only one character didn't make the cut from the first draft to final.

* No character names were changed from first to final draft. Noteworthy only because out of seven finished novels to date, this is the ONLY one that at least one character didn't undergo a name change at some point!

* The first draft had 116,980 words. The final draft sits at 91,768 words.

* The shortest chapter in the first draft had 3189 words. The shortest chapter in the final draft has only 50 words! (Incidentally, this is the shortest chapter of any book I've ever written!)

* The first draft only had 30 chapters (excluding epilogue), but the mean chapter length was a whopping 3,899 words! I didn't like the chapters that long, so the final draft has whopping 80 chapters (excluding epilogue), but the mean length is only 1,147 words. Much easier to digest. (Especially considering some of them are only 50 words! Haha)

That's it for now! I should have a solid launch date nailed down by the end of the month. I'll send out a status update in the mailing list when those dates become available. Happy Friday!

Tabitha Drake