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Diary of a Ghost

Status: Revised, awaiting edits

*This manuscript placed Quarter-finalist in the 2012 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards

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For perpetual eighteen-year-old Cordelia Baxter, there are worse things than being dead: Falling in love with someone who is alive.

Cordelia has been in spiritual limbo since the night she was savagely murdered twenty years ago. Her parents moved out and left the house abandoned after her funeral, and for the past two decades the ghost of Cordelia has become the stuff of local legend. Everything changes when a new family buys the house and Julian Cahill moves into the room where she died. When an incident with a Ouija board renders Cordelia visible to Julian, despite their inability to touch, a strange and unlikely romance blooms.

Amid the backdrop of Julian’s suspicious sister, who aims to have Cordelia exorcised, and Julian’s dangerous amateur pursuits to solve a twenty-year-old murder, Cordelia must quickly learn how to live with the living before all their lives are ruined.