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Diary of a Ghost: Unlife

Status: Outlining - 30%

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Unlife picks up where the first book ends - on the heels of the tragedy that nearly cost Julian his life. Julian survived the shooting, but Josh and Mary-Ellen's son, Todd, did not. During the chaos of the shooting, Todd missed the light and is now stuck as a ghost with Cordelia.

Julian isn't thrilled that there is now another dude on the flipside with his girlfriend. A guy that she can feel and smell and... and even taste, because this new guy can actually kiss Cordelia and do everything else a boyfriend should be able to do - but Julian can't. She once told Julian that even if she had a choice, she would still choose him. She’s never had a choice before, and Julian fears that he's about to find out if she meant it now.

Cordelia has been alone as a ghost for so long. To suddenly have someone there with her is disorienting and exciting. Finally, after decades of solitude, there's someone else in her world who can share the frustrations and limitations of this Unlife. At first, Cordelia is reluctant to have anything to do with the son of the woman who murdered her, and nearly killed Julian too. But Todd is not adjusting well to the loneliness of being a ghost, and desperately clings to Cordelia's companionship. Having someone around who understands her in a way that Julian can't - admittedly, it's refreshing. He's handsome and smart and funny; definitely not the worst person she could've gotten stuck spending eternity with.

As much as Cordelia loves Julian, his jealousy over her growing friendship with Todd may end up pushing her straight into the only arms that are actually capable of holding her.